Application Refused. What next?

Back to the FutureNot so hot off the press, but the good news is that the Realis proposal was officially rejected by the development committee yesterday. There was no debate, it was a straightforward ratification of the planning report’s recommendations. The development was refused for many reasons including traffic congestion, over-provision of car-parking, pollution, trees and boundary walls in a Conservation area, pedestrian safety, proximity to school… the list goes on.

The big question is “what next?”.

The controversial planning application has highlighted the fact that this parade of shops is no longer being properly maintained. The landlord clearly wants to sell the site and many people would like to see some sort of development here.

There is an opportunity to take a more community-led approach with what happens next. How do we take this forward and encourage suitable development within the area, both for this site and others? We will continue to keep you up to date with relevant information and, in the meantime, celebrate  and use the great shops and resources Corstorphine already has.