Some useful references and links

  • Map of St John’s Road Air Quality Management Area (AQMA)St John’s Road was found to have pollution levels greatly exceeding Scottish targets and EU legal limits, mostly attributed to traffic congestion.  As a result it is now an AQMA (Air Quality Monitoring Area) and is continuously monitored by permanent devices at street level.
  • Scottish Air Quality Standards and Objectives.  Air Quality is measured by comparing against a range of health-effects based standards.  The National Air Quality Strategy aims to keep pollution levels below certain targets.  Scottish Targets are outlined here:      
  • Study published in British Medical Journal (BMJ) January 2014This 12 year study followed 100,000 people and concluded there are significant links between exposure to traffic pollutants and ill health.
  • Corstorphine Conservation Area Character Appraisal. This is a detailed report on the special character and appearance of the area in which the proposed development is sited. Corstorphine was designated as a conservation area by the Planning Committee of City of Edinburgh Council in 2001. Corstorphine_Conservation_Area_Character_Appraisal
  • “Trees in the City: Trees and Woodlands Action Plan” Edinburgh Council Report 2014This Action Plan from the Council in 2014, clearly demonstrates the environmental value of older, larger trees and outlines a commitment to retaining them unless unavoidable. The Manse Road oak tree, for example, removes pollutants from the air equivalent to 35-40 young trees. There is also evidence that trees increase the psychological well-being of residents. Trees in the City: Trees and Woodlands Action Plan
  • Catchment Area for Corstorphine Primary SchoolThe school is approximately in the middle of the shape. To the East, West and South of the school, there are large unpopulated areas, e.g. zoo, which means many of the 600 nursery/primary pupils are walking daily from the North through Manse Road and across/along St John’s Road. Along this route, there is proposed a reduction in pavement width and removal of mature trees which are much-loved and offer educational value throughout the seasons.
  • “Air Quality: Action Plan” Edinburgh Council DocumentDetails monitoring plans, AQMAs and Objectives for reduction of harmful pollutants. Includes details of EU limits. Air Quality AP
  • “City of Edinburgh Council: Transport Vision” Inspiring document outlining Edinburgh Council’s plans for transport across the city for the future. There is a focus on sustainable, shared and active transport and a positive move away from the use of private cars. Transport Vision
  • “Local Transport Strategy 2014-19” Edinburgh Council Document. 5 year transport plan for the city. Building large car-parks is not in-keeping with this plan. Local Transport Strategy
  • “Parking Standards 09”  Edinburgh Council document, includes guidelines on maximum and minimum parking provision for proposed developments. The proposal includes a car park of 140 spaces which far exceeds the maximum 91 allowed by these standards. Parking Standards
  • “Town Centre Strategy”  Edinburgh Council document which identifies 8 town centres within Edinburgh, of which Corstorphine is one. It outlines how important these centres are and how development should be considered carefully in order to ‘Build Stronger Centres,’ rather than to erode them. Town Centre Strategy 2013